Progressive Lenses – Why Should I Consider



Why should I consider progressive lenses. You may be getting older, but getting older does not mean you are “old.” If you have reached your 40s (or even older) and are finding it difficult reading smaller print using your glasses, progressive lenses give a younger looking appearance including other benefits over regular bifocal lenses most of our parents wore.

Progressive lenses, most times referred to as “no-line bifocals,” removes the seen lines of traditional trifocals and bifocals and conceal the fact you even make use of reading glasses.
With the help of progressive lenses, no one body needs to know if you are wearing glasses because of short-sightedness or for fashion sake.


Cosmetic benefits, progressive lenses offer a better natural presbyopia correction than trifocal or bifocal prescription eyeglasses. Rather than having only three or four lens powers such as trifocals or bifocals, progressive lenses are genuinely “multifocal” lenses which offer a coherent progression of multiple lens powers for every viewing distance.

Using progressive lenses, you may look up to glance undoubtedly around the room from afar. It also enables you to see ahead to operate your laptop in an extreme zone and place your gaze to read and carry out little task comfortably via the close zone of progressive lenses. It’s also straightforward to get use to today’s developed progressive lenses.

The “corridor” of the lens power runs vertically down every progressive lens. Your optometrist will take the proper measurements of your eyeglasses and your eyes, to keep the corridor in that correct location. This will allow your eyes to naturally view the different powers in the lens for that comfortable viewing lenses

Progressive lenses eradicated the annoying issues caused by trifocal and bifocal lenses referred to as “image jump.” With conventional trifocals and bifocals, images appear to “jump” as the eyes revolve past the defined boundary within the distance and close aspects of the lens.

With the help of progressive lenses, the transition in-between lens powers around the lens are seamless and smooth, allowing you to change concentration from far to close and turn back again comfortably, without image jump.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Book your consultation with one of our optometrists today, at our 360 Eyecare location in the Beaches, Toronto.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]