At 360 Eyecare we carry a wide selection of premium fashion and handmade designer eyeglasses and sunglasses including Lafont, Vanni, Tom Ford, Burberry and many more.


Lafont eyewear

The La Font brand is one of the most well-known and respected French eyewear companies. They have over ninety years of unparalleled expertise and they place a strong emphasis on designing and manufacturing the most elegant and unique eyeglasses. Their frames have truly set the standard. They offer a wide selection of frames in a variety o fabulous shapes, styles and colours that have made them a hugely popular name in designer eyewear. The La Font brand combines traditional craftsmanship with modern French manufacturing. Each season they unveil at least 30 new frames into their collection, all of which are inspected by over 100 sets of eyes to ensure only top quality products are introduced. The La Font family who still maintain full control of their company believe that a great pair of glasses is an extension of the individual wearing them and therefore they strive to release frames that appeal to each individual on a unique level.

Kio Yamato



Kio Yamato is the definition of luxury eyewear; they manufacture frames of the highest quality in the most sophisticated of styles. Their line of eyewear is both extensive as well as timeless. A trademark of their collection is the lightweight titanium they use and custom made acetate. If you are looking for crisp clean lines and timeless styles, Kio Yamato is a wonderful brand for you.


Silhouette is a unique brand in that they manufacture the most lightweight and rimless eyewear. For those who don’t like the look and feel of bold statement frames, Silhouette is an excellent choice. Silhouettes create a perfect balance with the one wearing them; they allow the personality and the facial features of the individual wearing them to truly shine through. These frames though appear delicate, however they are anything but that as they are made to last. Their level of quality and design make them a top choice for those who seek durability combined with minimalism. They are Austrian made and have been in production for well over 50 years making them a tried and trusted brand all the while bolstering their distinctiveness.


skagaSkaga is a Swedish brand that was formed in 1948.It was originally formed in Smaland which is an area of Scandinavia rich in forestry and beautiful lakes. For well over 70 years they have been designing and manufacturing frames that strike the perfect balance of function and simplistic design. They are constantly finding ways to design frames that are made to be ever enduring using only the highest quality titanium. This has made them a leading brand in eyewear in Scandinavia. Their designs are very clean and elegant and are guaranteed to make a distinctive mark in the lives of those who wear them.

Tom Ford


This name says it all; Tom Ford is truly one of the most well-known and well-respected designers of his time. He has been the recipient of many design awards since his rise to fame in 1994. It was at this time he became the creative director of Gucci and in his time there he brought the company to exceptional levels of success that had previously not been imagined. He is a true visionary and by 2005 he had announced the creation of the Tom Ford brand, which naturally would also include eyeglasses. His frames are classic, bold and make a statement. If you are looking to have top quality eyewear that will assuredly have people taking notice, Tom Ford is the brand for you.

Kate Spade


Kate Spade is an American Fashion designer and businesswoman who launched a New York based company known as Kate Spade handbags. Initially as the name implies they only sold handbags but eventually their line extended to jewelry, clothing, accessories and of course eyewear; both optical as well as sun. They currently offer a wide selection of eyewear in lovely shapes, colours and styles. They also are a very popular brand for those with petite faces who find it difficult to get the right fit with glasses.


Michael Korsmichael-kors

Michael Kors is a well-known and world-renowned designer of accessories and eyewear. They offer both optical glasses as well as sun in a fun selection of styles. Their entire line of eyewear is sophisticated as much as it is both timeless and modern. Their frames come in a wide assortment of shapes and often contain embellishments that’s are signatures of their runway collections. Their frames range from simplistic to decadent and there is assuredly something for everyone to enjoy.

OGI and Seraphin

OGI eyewear

OGI was founded in Minnesota and began from humble beginnings. They originally were formed as a small boutique optical design company but have since grown enough to earn 

recognition around the world for their innovative products as well as their quality and value. 

They manufacture a wide variety of bold coloured frames, each of which are also handmade. They place an emphasis on very unique shapes, designs and vibrant colours in their collections.



Seraphin is an off shoot of the OGI brand and their collection contains an assortment of neoclassical type designs ad modernized vintage style eyewear. Their original philosophy reigns true in present times; Innovation, originality, quality and value are their core principles.

Paul Smith


Paul Smith Eyewear is a brand that offers a range of specially crafted sunglasses and optical glasses in very modern frame shapes made of either plastic or metal. Paul Smith is a world renowned English designer who opened his first shop in 1970 in Nottingham England. He was passionate about the creative world of design and fashion. 40 years later his reach has expanded across the world and he is still personally very much part of the design process in each of his lines which include accessories, shoes, fragrances and of course eyeglasses. He has always had a talent for anticipating what the newest fashion trends will be and thus his eyewear collection reflects in such a way. He loves classical styles but is also very innovative, making the Paul Smith eyewear collection very appealing to those who love timeless classic styles combined with the latest trends in fashion.

Munic munic-eyewear

Munic eyewear was established 20 years ago my Marcus Riess and Ariane Riess with the simple goal in mind of creating modern eyewear that would accentuate and enhance the most up to date looks in fashion. Their mantra is essentially “in synch with fashion”. They believe that eyeglasses like any other item worn on the body should fit like a glove all the while representing your style. They offer a wide variety of frames made from acetate, stainless steel as well as titanium, meaning there is likely something for everyone. They keep their designs simplistic and their frames are handmade ensuring only top quality products are manufactured.


Vanni is a one of the top trendsetters in Italian eyewear. For decays the brand has been an innovator in constructional techniques. Various materials such as acetate and metal are used and applied with incredible attention to fine details to craft a final product. Vanni takes pride in the quality of the material that’s used and the craftsmanship to make every single pair of glasses, whether it’s prescription eyeglasses or fashion sunglasses.



O&X is a brand of Kio Yamato which makes them a high quality collection. Their line is inspired by the diversity of New York city which includes its residents, its culture and its colourful personality as a city overall. Their line of eyewear is meant to be ageless and fun for everyone wearing them. They use shapes that will withstand the test of time and that will be ever popular for generations to come.

Persol persol

Persol is a brand that combines both technology and appealing designs. Their glasses are known for being far more than just another set of glasses; they are unique pieces of art. They offer a unique collection of iconic styles with unique patterns and colours. They are a line that has been correlated with expressing ones self artistically. They have combined culture, passion and dedication in the creation of their eyewear and they always combine both form and function in their design process as well.

Ray Ban


Ray Ban is still one of the most iconic and well-known brands in eyewear; they are still sought after worldwide. They are a global leader in premium eyewear and have been so for many years. They are most well known for their iconic and timeless aviator and wayfarer style sunglasses but over the course of more than 60 years their collection of sunglasses and optical frames has expanded tenfold. Throughout the years Ray Ban’s have been worn by many of Hollywood’s most iconic actors and used within many well known films. They are forever innovative in the design process of their frames but yet they somehow remain timeless which makes them a popular choice in almost every demographic. If you are looking for fun, reliable and classic eyeglasses Ray Ban is always an excellent choice.

Burberry  burberry-eyewear

Burberry has long been a luxury fashion house known for their outdoor fashion accessories, fragrances, cosmetics and now optical frames as well as sunglasses. Thomas Burberry originally founded the company in 1856 with the intent of creating outdoor wear, but over the years they have grown substantially. They currently have a wide selection of optical frames in a variety of colours and designs alongside a fabulous collection of sunglasses. At 360 Eyecare we have a variety of Burberry frames and sunglasses marked by their ever popular and classic check pattern.

Dolce & Gabbana dolce-and-gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana is another well known luxury fashion house originally founded in Legnano, Italy by two Italian designers by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Steffano Gabbana. Their inspiration stems from bohemian type styles using an array of animal patterns as well as deep rich colours; their frames reflect this. Their goal as a brand has always been to create eyewear that reflects current trends in fashion all the while maintaining a look that is as timeless as it is tasteful and flattering.


Integrum is our new line of frames sold exclusively at 360 Eyecare locations.  We have always prided ourselves on going above and beyond for our patients and now we can take that a step further by offering you our high quality, affordable in house Integrum frames. With so many great styles and colours, your options for stylish eyewear seem endless!


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